Basic equipment


How can I come dressed for sailing?

The ideal clothing while sailing should be  comfortable and avoid garments that may cause an incident on board. You should also keep in mind  that in the sea, even in summertime it gets chilly . Here we suggest a list of basic appropriate clothes:


– Cap and sunglasses.

– Cotton shirt.

– Cut winds and / or raincoat.

– Shorts, swimsuit or bikini.

– Boots, sports, sandals attached to the instep and / or heel.

Months of spring, autumn and winter:

– Cap and sunglasses.

– Thermal shirt.

– Waterproof and polar jacket.

– Long and waterproof pants.

– Sports, water or nautical boots.

People on board


How many people can go on the boat?

Our boats allow a maximum capacity of 8 people on board. Crew to part.


Can I sail alone or with my partner?

Of course! The prices of our Leisure packs are closed prices. If you want a more exclusive experience, we recommend Personalized Packs

Eat on board

Can you eat during the activity?

Of course. In fact on our boats you will always have water and a few complimentary snacks, and you can even ask our crew for more drinks and snacks extra charge.


Can I bring food and drinks on board?

For safety and environmental reasons, it is forbidden to bring food and drinks s on the boat. Anyway, there’s no need for you to worry because In Mr Lugger we have already thought about these aspects and on board you will have everything you need to stay always well hydrated and you also enjoy some snacks.


Physicals conditions

Can I get seasick on a sailboat?

Dizziness is a sensation that can occur at some time when we are on board and depends on each person, the sea state and weather conditions. In these cases, it is advisable to prevent by following  these basic tips:

– Eat and drink frequently: make sure you have a good breakfast before leaving home and avoid copious meals that can cause heavy digestion just before sailing. Of course, throughout the day and even during the activity, we recommend eating something every 1 or 2 hours and be well hydrated. This will help you drastically reduce the feeling of dizziness and “stomach emptiness”.

– Protect yourself from the sun: avoid long exposures to the sun while you are enjoying the activity.

– Cool off or shower on the deck before diving into the sea to avoid a sharp temperature contrast in the summer months.

I am a person prone to dizzy. What can I do?

First, we recommend that you consult with your doctor. In general, people who are prone to dizziness can take anti-dizziness pills 1 hour before boarding and / or every 4 hours if the journey is long and the symptoms still persist. But remember that it must be your doctor who determines what treatment is right for you and the recommended dose.


I can't swim. Can I do the activity?

Yes of course! You can fully enjoy the activity while on deck. Equally and for your peace of mind, all our boats have life jackets for children and adults. Of course, it is  necessary to notify our crew that you do not know how to swim in advance so everything can be organized and they can advise you on the security measures that you should take.


I have reduced mobility, can I get on the boat?
Evidently you can. Contact us a few days before your activity and let us know what your situation is so that we can prepare the boat and the dock for boarding and disembarking.
Other health issues

If you suffer from any allergy, illness or there is any aspect related to your health that raises questions, contact us before making the reservation and we will be delighted to respond.



How can I pay if I do not have PayPal?

Yes. On our website you will find different  payment methods.You can pay with your PayPal account and with debit / credit card.


Is it possible to individually pay?

The prices of our Leisure packs are closed prices and the system only accepts the payment of the entire reservation.



When is the best daytime for sailing?

Every day is good to navigate! In winter we recommend you to choose a morning schedule and go well equipped. In spring, summer and autumn, you can enjoy at any time of the day.


How is the weather going to be?

The maritime weather forecast can be found in several online services. We recommend some of them. We advise you not to consult them more than 24 hours prior to the activity, in order to have a better chance of success.


State meteorological agency (AEMET): Issues the official notices of the state of the sea and its validity.



Passage Weather: Weather forecast service for navigation and water sports.


What happens if the weather out bad on the day of my departure?

Mr Lugger reserves the right to cancel or modify the reservation, subject to weather conditions. For more information you can consult our General Conditions.